Wednesday, June 10, 2009


When people look for explanations about how some things happen, they find superstitions as the best way to explain those things that are unreasonable. The rule has been that things always happen because another thing has caused them so let’s know what kind of superstitions british people have and if there are common superstition between Colombian and British culture.

Most superstitions are pretty common between Colombia and United Kingdom for example: bats, a broken mirror, feathers of a peacok, the Friday thirteen or to pass someone on the stairs, and to spill salt are all synonymous of bad luck. There are more similarities regarding good luck, white heater, a horseshoe over the door, to put money in the pocket of new clothes, to cut the hair while the moon is waxing, and to touch wood mean the same for both cultures.

However, when it comes to good luck we find some differences. British people say white rabbits, white rabbits, white rabbits on the first day of each month or catch falling leaves in autum. In the first case is because Rabbits are thought to host the soul of human beings and to be witches, and regarding the leaves each caught leaf means a lucky month next year. Black cats are considered good luck in contrast with Colombian culture that is totally the opposite. Even though there are differences, these are less than similarities.

There are other superstitions that are exclusive for England like 2 or 3 Ravens together mean bad luck and if these Ravens are in the tower of London and then they leave it, it mean that the crown of England will be lost. Another one is that if a Child rides on a bear’s back it will be protected from whooping-cough. In Colombia and specifically in some towns there are traditional superstitions related to myths of each region like if a bad soul or spirit is going take our soul, it is better to wear odds clothes to eliminate the power of bad spirits.

Finally the superstitions related to animals are almost all of them associated with witches or wickedness. In contrast, the superstitions regarding objects or actions can bring either good or bad luck.